Vine and Instagram

Week two of MOSOMELT we are asked to add a video using Vine or Instagram. I took a quick look at both of them on my laptop. Oops. Should have started on my phone.

Okay, so I decided to install Instagram. Unfortunately that required more space than my phone had. Since I started syncing my photos with Google Plus I have no space on my Nexus 5 phone. I had to find ways to download my photos and delete the photos from my phone. Surprisingly tricky.

I finally got Instagram installed and figured out how to create a video. But our wifi is not great at work (wat?) and it continuously failed to upload the video. Finally got it uploaded, and then managed to work out how to Tweet it. Figured opening Instagram on my laptop and getting a link to paste in MOSOMELT cMOOC was the easiest way to share it with the Google + community. I still need to comment on other participant videos.

I have to say, that if it takes me half a day to do this, I feel horrified for people who are not digitally savvy.